Beyond The Pail

Other Projects

Henry is keen to explore opportunities for his other writing to see the light of day. He has produced a series of extended sketches called Play On Words, intended for the radio. The idea is that the two main characters weave into a normal conversation words pertaining to a particular topic. Among the sketches written so far are conversations based on place names ('Would you care for some nice hot crumpets straight out of the Towcester?' / 'No, thank you, I've Eton'), musicals ('I had my first singing lesson today but the songs were too Bali Ha'i for me so I asked my teacher to transpose them into another key' / 'Which one?' / 'Gee Officer Krupke') and the great names from the Golden Age of British Comedy ('Have you had a busy day? / 'Yes, I've not been Eric Idle – this morning I bought a new Sir Bruce Forscythe for my Graeme Garden'). The sketches are a feast for all lovers of wordplay.

Still in the comedy line, Henry has penned a number of hopefully humorous monologues sending up aspects of our national life, for which he would like to find a suitable outlet, and a collection of over thirty song parodies such as 'Sit Down, You're Rocking The Goat', 'Smoke Gets in Your Pies' and 'Tragic Moments'. Sadly, the chances of any song publishers allowing their cherished tracks to be 'taken off' in this way are slimmer than Rosemary Conley. However, there is no harm in trying. Maybe Henry will be able to persuade them that the original could become more popular following the parody. That could certainly be the case with his suggested Huggies advert, 'Nappy Days'.

On a more serious note, Henry has written a proposed radio drama called The Autumn of My Years. Inspired by two friendships in Henry's life, one with a former Bletchley Park codebreaker and the other with a lady whom Henry met when queuing for returns at the theatre, the play explores the deep connection made between an elderly woman and a young man. Brought together by their similar sense of humour, the pair entertain each other and in so doing enrich one another's lives. The play aims to put across the message that age need be no barrier to friendship.