Beyond The Pail

The Play

In the early 1960s Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller and Dudley Moore took the theatre world by storm with the groundbreaking revue Beyond The Fringe. Now, over half a century later, Uppingham Theatre Company will be looking to whip up at least a strong breeze with Beyond The Pail, a sequel – of sorts. This one-act comedy is full to the brim with pun and pottiness. If wordplay and nonsense are your cup of tea, you'll love drinking it in.

Beyond The Pail is a vehicle for a rat-a-tat-tat exchange of quips and gags between two working thesps, who interact in goonish fashion with five other characters in a hotel. Where Beyond The Fringe succeeded with its satire, Beyond The Pail aims to do so with some comforting comparisons with Carry On comedy, its wealth of wacky one-liners and a selection of silly songs. It may not be summer but with this amount of deadpun humour the air is still barmy here.